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May 1 20

“Why Did This Happen?”

by David Brock

One of the most positive things about sales people and leaders is their “action orientation.” Great sales people are driven to take action. Whether its prospecting to find new customers, or moving an opportunity forward, or getting support from within their own organizations or within their customers. Likewise managers want to make […]

Mar 22 20

Should We Be Selling?

by David Brock

The COVID 19 and related issues have brought about a plethora of “Should We Be Selling” articles. I’ve made my position clear in previous posts. But I saw a headline that caught my attention.

Should we be selling?  The answer is simply, “no”.  We should be humanizing.

I was struck by this, not for […]

Mar 20 20

COVID 19 Lessons For Current And Better Times

by David Brock

The COVID 19 crisis is forcing all of us to deal with issues few of us have ever faced. The risk, complexity, uncertainties, fear are profound. It impacts every individual, organization, society.

But it’s fascinating to see how tragedy brings out the best in people and the best in addressing crises. […]

Mar 17 20

Buying During Difficult Times

by David Brock

Complex B2B buying is never easy. I’ve written, extensively, about how difficult it is for buyers to align diverse priorities and agendas, and navigate the buying process. The majority of buying ends in no decision made. The need hasn’t disappeared, the customer, for various good/bad reasons just fail to make a buying […]