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Jul 17 12

Managing Complexity

by David Brock

It should come as no surprise to anyone that has been semi-conscious over the past decade, that our worlds are becoming increasingly complex.  Our jobs, and those of our customers are more complex and difficult.  Fewer people doing more.  The rate of change is accelerating.  We have too little time to accomplish even our “A” […]

Jun 8 21

How Value And Value Creation Evolves

by David Brock

It’s imperative that we continue to evolve our thinking on value and value creation.

Way back, in the old days, we created value for our customers by educating them about new products and solutions. The way customers learned about new things and how they might solve problems or addressed new opportunities was largely interactions with […]

Apr 30 21

“Show Me Your Calendar….”

by David Brock

Let me share a “secret” from my consulting/coaching practice. I ask to look at people’s calendars.

Looking at someone’s calendar tells me a lot. I understand their priorities because I see where/how they are spending their time. I look for things that should be on their calendar that aren’t. […]

Apr 26 21

Thinking About “Rev-Ops”

by David Brock

There’s a lot of discussion about creating a role/function in the organization responsible for “Revenue Operations.” Depending on who is making the argument, there is talk about combining Sales and Marketing for a more cohesive strategy to drive revenue generation and revenue growth. Some will add in Customer Experience/Service/Support.

As we consider this concept, […]