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Jan 27 21

Meeting Complexity With Complexity

by David Brock

We are surrounded by complexity–in our business, in our communities, in our lives. Complexity can be, by it’s nature, overwhelming.

Ironically, too often our approach to dealing with complex situations is to make them more complex. We do this, because we don’t understand what we face or what we may be trying to do. […]

Jan 6 21

Reveling In Complexity

by David Brock

As we look at complex B2B enterprise level solutions, without a doubt, they are complex. When a customer talks to us about our solutions, we can always solve their problems, but as we look at proposing a solution we pummel the customer with endless questions, “How many people will need this, what are the […]

Nov 23 20

Chaos, Complexity, Predictable Revenue, Making “Big Moves”

by David Brock

For the past decade, so many have sought to mechanize selling, creating predictable revenue. We developed methods and approaches, we’ve transactionalized the selling process, in spite of too many customers finding increased difficulty in navigating their buying processes. Even before the pandemic and collapse of the economy, how we sold became increasingly unpredictable. […]

Jun 20 13

Complexity Is Just An Excuse

by David Brock

There is no question, our worlds are very complex.  The challenges our customers face are complex.  The challenges we face within our organizations are complex.  The challenges in engaging our customers and trying to solve their problems are complex.  Complexity is a reality!
We’re surrounded by, enmeshed in and consumed by complexity.   Sometimes, I think we […]