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“I have worked with Dave at three companies over the past 10 years of so. That alone is a testament to the value he brings. More specifically, Dave brings analytical tools and a ton of knowledge that allows you to move quickly from data analysis to action plans that drive meaningful results. Yo might be able to figure all this out on your own; Dave will figure it out much faster. And you don’t have time to wait.”

Pete Tapley, Vice President of Global Sales

“Dave sets himself apart in the industry with his ruthless focus on preparation and sales discipline. Dave's mentorship and coaching is designed to ensure I focus on the most qualified opportunities, bring exceptional value to each customer interaction and win more deals. He has been an indispensable mentor and transformational influence.”

Mary Grogan Strain, Business Development Manager

“There is so much flying around every day about what's right for sales, who has the best way of succeeding, what is the impact of tenuous programs, and every other sales topic you can imagine. And then there's Dave Brock. He cuts through the cacophony of noise. He nets the important data flying around. He grounds that data in reality. When I want a real grasp of what is happening in the sales world, I get the really good nuggets from Dave.”

Sheevaun Thatcher, Vice President, Global Sales Enablement.

“Dave Brock literally wrote the book on sales management! Dave provides critical insights that are thought-provoking and directional. Better yet, Dave not only provides a different perspective, he has the ability to work with clients to build solutions that positively impacts sellers and coaches alike.”

Jim Wood, Vice President of Sales

“Our Commercial Leadership engaged Partners in EXCELLENCE supporting formalization of our commercial process, as well as, validation of pipeline integrity. While the methodology presented the opportunity to think outside the box, driving commercial cultural change, the foundation for sustainable growth has been established. Our Business and Global Commercial Team now have a process and roadmap driving our performance into the foreseeable future.”

Eric Shelton, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales

“In a world populated by many, many self-proclaimed "thought leaders," Dave is the real deal--perhaps more than anybody I've met since I've been studying the sales, service and customer experience space. His perspective is informed by deep experience as an executive and business leader himself and by an insatiable curiosity about what's next in the field. I ALWAYS read what Dave posts and make it a regular habit to read anything he writes. We've spent hours together talking about business, new emerging technologies, the latest human psychology and behavioral economics work, you name it. Whenever I have a new idea for a book or article or blog post, he's one of the few people I tend to run the idea by...because he always makes it sharper and generally (though not always successfully) keeps me from sticking my foot in my mouth 🙂 If you have an opportunity to work with him, you should jump at the opportunity. You'll be very glad you did.”

Matt Dixon, Co-Author, Challenger Sales, The Challenger Customer, The Jolt Effect, Co-founder DCM Consulting.

“As a result of the program on Value Propositions, we have turned around and closed sales of more than $60 million within 45 days of implementing the principles you taught us.”

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

““Dave helped us translate our strategic planning process from an annual exercise into the development of a plan the whole organization could get behind and execute. With Dave's support, the team came together and established a clear focus and priorities. The team felt the process was valuable in developing a pragmatic plan, focused on executing those things most critical to achieving the objectives our leadership team had established. Finally, the process established a solid framework for future strategic plans. Dave not only delivered on his commitments but delivered more than was expected.”

Vice President Strategy and Planning

"Partners In EXCELLENCE differentiate themselves from other consulting firms we've used by providing practical implementable deliverables and then providing support and guidance during execution. Most consultants use a canned, one-size-fits-all methodology…. Because Dave Brock has real world experience in sales, marketing and management, his recommendations are tailored to his client's environment and are readily implemented."

Vice President, Marketing

“It is DecisionLink's, and my, very good fortune to engage and collaborate with Dave. His brings vast knowledge, extensive skills and laser sharp insight to the sales and marketing domain...and much more. In a world overwhelmed with complexity and rife with buzz-words, fads and cookie-cutter approaches, Dave cuts through the chatter to hone in on the things that matter, that make an impact, that "advance the ball".

Jim Berryhill, Chairman and Co-Founder

Perhaps more important, he is a wise steward of his talents. He gives unselfishly and takes an approach that "my best interest will be found in the best interests of my customers, partners and colleagues". Admirable...and smart. A word of warning. If you work with Dave, lace 'em up and bring your best effort. It will be a challenge to keep up. It will be rewarding if you do. Finally, Dave is a pleasure to be around. His reputation, character and integrity are evidenced in his many (and glowing) testimonials. He's a nice guy. He cares about others. He's fun to be around. I look forward to our professional and personal relationship with Dave, and wholeheartedly recommend him in all regards.

Jim Berryhill, Chairman and Co-Founder

Dave and I started working together on a consulting project to my sales team on value proposition. After the workshop all my team members were very impressed with Dave and what he had taught us and it has a very lasting effect on the team's performance. Since then I have learned a ton from my working with Dave, not just his knowledge, but most importantly the way he works and interacts with others, and his discipline and thought process. He has set a bar so high for me and I really enjoy every conversation I have with him.

Yuegang Zhao, Chief Commercial Officer

“I was asked to take the role of managing a sales organization. Having no prior sales experience the task seemed quite daunting. Thankfully, David Brock was there to give me direction and encouragement. Yes, David helped me understand the sales process; however, more importantly, David provided me with firm, but supportive critique that has proved invaluable to me. David never soft-pedaled his approach with me. Instead, he spoke to me as an executive, and expected me to live up to the call. In addition to direction, David provided me with the encouraging words that I needed to believe in myself, and that I could be successful in my new role. “

Scott Dixon, Managing Director

“David is one of the sharpest strategic advisor I have ever worked with. He brings invaluable field experience and amazing insight to his clients, while quietly instilling a form of controlled creativity which just transforms caterpillars into butterflies. As a former caterpillar myself, I have enjoyed every minute of my professional interaction with David throughout the last 6 years. David also proved me that true friendship can emerge anywhere, including in the fast-paced action of an emerging startup in needs of brighter advices...”

Romain Lavault, General Partner

“Dave is that rare voice of reason in a cacophony of sales "leadership" noise. Dave has become my go-to resource for advice on business strategy, anything sales, and as a sounding board for all ideas. Never shy with brutal honesty he has proven invaluable to my success in a short amount of time.”

Severan Johnson, Director of Business Operations

“Strategic Partnering is a key strategy in driving Novozymes growth in the coming years. The partnering programs and processes you have identified and helped us implement will enable us to become ‘Best In Class’ in partnering in the future. We are already seeing improved results with our current partnerships.”

Director of Partnering Programs

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