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“Making a dent in the worlds of business and selling... We do this one person, one organization at a time.”

Dave Brock:

What would you expect of an idealistic graduate of UC Berkeley?  Dave is driven by the mission of helping each individual and organization achieve their dreams, exceeding what they ever believed possible.

A theoretical physicist joining a four-person startup, right out of college; Dave soon learned there is a lot more to business success than a great idea and hot product.  After failing in that start up, he got his MBA, then went to the “dark side,” selling mainframe computers to large banks and investment companies in New York City.

Dave progressed to executive leadership roles in high technology giants, also, was on the founding team of two successful technology startups with current market cap exceeding $50 Billion.  He led the successful turnarounds of several companies, before starting Partners In EXCELLENCE.

He’s a popular guest on numerous podcasts, webcasts, and as a speaker; known for his ruthless pragmatism.

Dave is the author of the bestselling Sales Manager Survival Guide and the upcoming Sales Executive Survival Guide.  Additionally, he’s a prodigious and provocative blogger.

Personally, Dave is an avid road-biker, struggling triathlete, and sailor.



A consulting and services company focused on helping organizations and individuals achieve their dreams, focusing on Innovation, Transformation, Performance Excellence, and Leadership.

The approach is a unique collaborative method, leveraging the deep experience of its clients with the diverse experiences of the Partners In EXCELLENCE. This is complemented by unique methodologies and tools to accelerate the ability of clients achieving their goals.

We truly believe in synergy, that is the sum of our collective experience and brainpower is greater than the sum of the capabilities of each person.

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