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Sep 22 19


by David Brock

We and our customers live in worlds of paradox, uncertainty, confusion, complexity, overwhelm, overload, and constant change.

Organizationally and individually, we are afraid of missing something—FOMO. We constantly move from one thing to another and then to the next. We see the latest technique, strategy du jour, technology, competitor and want to do the […]

Sep 15 19

Bits And Pieces, September 14, 2019

by David Brock

It’s been a while since I’ve published one of these. The purpose of the “Bits and Pieces series is to point you to outstanding books, events, podcasts, and other resources.

I won’t do reviews of the materials, at most a comment. Please trust that if I put it on this list, I think the […]

Aug 27 19

Sales Performance Improvement, Where To Start

by David Brock

I wrote, “Improving Sales Performance Without Changing How You Sell.” Readers started responding, “This is great, where do we start?” Here are some thoughts:

“One size fits all:” Too often, we have a “one size fits all” approach to performance improvement. We focus on one thing, for example prospecting or pipeline coverage, […]

Aug 8 19

Sales Is Simple, Buying Isn’t!

by David Brock

I succumbed to a certain amount of narcissism (as I often do) in my post: Sales Is Simple, Simple Is Not Easy.

The problem with my post, as accurate as it may have been, is that I did what too many of us do, focusing on ourselves–sales people, sales leaders, and selling.

We all do that, […]