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Jun 20 13

Complexity Is Just An Excuse

by David Brock

There is no question, our worlds are very complex.  The challenges our customers face are complex.  The challenges we face within our organizations are complex.  The challenges in engaging our customers and trying to solve their problems are complex.  Complexity is a reality!
We’re surrounded by, enmeshed in and consumed by complexity.   Sometimes, I think we […]

Jul 17 12

Managing Complexity

by David Brock

It should come as no surprise to anyone that has been semi-conscious over the past decade, that our worlds are becoming increasingly complex.  Our jobs, and those of our customers are more complex and difficult.  Fewer people doing more.  The rate of change is accelerating.  We have too little time to accomplish even our “A” […]

Feb 18 20

Lessons For Sales Leadership

by David Brock

One of my favorite podcasts is the Lessons For Sales Leadership, hosted by Brent Adamson. Both Brent’s skill as an interviewer and his “heavy hitter” guests make this one of my favorites, and one where I learn from great sales leaders.

Part of the reason I like the podcast is that Brent interviews […]

Feb 14 20

The Courage To Be A Great Sales Leader

by David Brock

It takes great courage, self confidence, and conviction to be a great sales leader.

Think of the job for a moment. It’s a job where there are no “right answers.” There are a variety of methods, strategies, and approaches to achieving the organization’s goals. Each has it’s pros/cons, none is guaranteed to work. […]