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Jun 20 13

Complexity Is Just An Excuse

by David Brock

There is no question, our worlds are very complex.  The challenges our customers face are complex.  The challenges we face within our organizations are complex.  The challenges in engaging our customers and trying to solve their problems are complex.  Complexity is a reality!
We’re surrounded by, enmeshed in and consumed by complexity.   Sometimes, I think we […]

Jul 17 12

Managing Complexity

by David Brock

It should come as no surprise to anyone that has been semi-conscious over the past decade, that our worlds are becoming increasingly complex.  Our jobs, and those of our customers are more complex and difficult.  Fewer people doing more.  The rate of change is accelerating.  We have too little time to accomplish even our “A” […]

Sep 15 19

Bits And Pieces, September 14, 2019

by David Brock

It’s been a while since I’ve published one of these. The purpose of the “Bits and Pieces series is to point you to outstanding books, events, podcasts, and other resources.

I won’t do reviews of the materials, at most a comment. Please trust that if I put it on this list, I think the […]

Aug 27 19

Sales Performance Improvement, Where To Start

by David Brock

I wrote, “Improving Sales Performance Without Changing How You Sell.” Readers started responding, “This is great, where do we start?” Here are some thoughts:

“One size fits all:” Too often, we have a “one size fits all” approach to performance improvement. We focus on one thing, for example prospecting or pipeline coverage, […]