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Jan 5 15

Responding To Customer Experience Disasters!

by David Brock

As much as we try to develop, implement, and execute outstanding customer experiences, sometimes things fall apart and we have a complete disaster.  Everything goes wrong!
We all fail.  We make mistakes, sometimes we just do the wrong things, sometimes it’s error.  In larger organizations, senior executives have to trust that everyone in the organization is executing–but […]

Dec 29 14

Too Busy To Worry About The Customer Experience

by David Brock

Recently, I wrote, “‘Simplifying The Way We Work,’ But What About The Customer?”  It provoked some interesting discussion, including a great comment from Gary Hart: “…do you think many organizations are trapped in the misconception that bottom-line-centric improves customer centricity and that price trumps service?”
Certainly, the bottom-line is critical to our success. Without focusing on profitability, […]

Nov 24 14

Design Your Customer Experience To Lose The Right Customers!

by David Brock

I received an interesting email.  A person had read a post I had written about Customer Experience.  As a result, he was motivated to sign up for my newsletter.  There the difficulties began.  Apparently the “widget” I use doesn’t allow for keyboard short-cuts.  That was a problem with this individual’s customer experience of my site.  It […]

Oct 31 14

How To Ruin A Great Customer Experience

by David Brock

I took my car in to be serviced the other day.  The dealership has done a fantastic job in designing a great customer experience.
I made my appointment online, it was easy to choose a time that was convenient for me.  The day before they sent me a reminder and introduced me to “Dale,” my service […]