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Mar 24 19

Key To Great Customer Experience

by David Brock

We know the importance of customer experience. Whether it’s their buying experience or their experience in implementing or using our solutions, customer experience is key to our success. It’s what causes them to buy, repurchase, and recommend.

Billions are being invested in customer experience. Whether it’s improving our products and services, improving their […]

Jun 5 18

Survey Fatigue And Customer Experience

by David Brock

Companies are obsessed (Hmmm, maybe not) with customer experience.  Many seem to want to understand people’s customer experience–how or if they pay attention is anyone’s guess.
Along with this obsession comes the obsession with measuring that customer experience.  That along with technology making it easy to do surveys in real time, it seems as though almost […]

Jan 27 15

Creating Low Effort Customer Experiences — A Conversation With Dione Hedgpeth Of Apptio

by David Brock

Low effort for the customer, that is!  Too often, we get customer experience design wrong–focusing on minimizing our work and effort, while we may create a horrible experience from the customers’ points of view.  If we want to drive customer engagement–for the life of our relationship with them, if we want to drive customer loyalty […]

Jan 6 15

Understanding The Customer Expectations Critical To Customer Experience

by David Brock

Recently I wrote Responding To Customer Experience Disasters.  It’s stimulated some interesting discussion, some deeply personal because of the situation I wrote about.  One of the most interesting comments came from my good friend, Tamara Schenk, who tended to think of the situation as an ethical issue–less a business or customer experience issue.
I can understand […]