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Oct 21 20

I Suck In Prospecting!

by David Brock

I’m embarrassed to admit this. I have some real prospecting problems. It’s embarrassing, I write about prospecting a lot, I speak, I coach people, we run prospecting workshops. But there’s a part of prospecting, I’m embarrassed to say, that I’m really horrible at.

I’m a terrible prospect.

It’s embarrassing. I’m supposed to be […]

Oct 12 20

Is Prospecting Really The Toughest Thing In Sales?

by David Brock

Was just reading yet another post with “market data” declaring prospecting the most difficult aspect of sales. Thousands of blog posts about both the difficulty and importance of prospecting have been published in the past 5-7 years.

But is it really tougher than anything else in selling or are we just making it much […]

Aug 27 20

Good Revenue And Bad Revenue

by David Brock

It might seem odd, particularly in these difficult economic times, to talk about the concept of “good and bad revenue.” Some of you may be thinking “revenue is revenue, all revenue is good!”

What’s the difference between good and bad revenue?

Good revenue has the following characteristics:

It generates strong profitability because it is from deals that […]

Jul 8 20

Prospecting Malpractice!

by David Brock

There is no excuse for stupid prospecting! Sadly, too many organizations are committed to prospecting malpractice.

None of us can escape or have spam filters powerful enough to filter out the stupid, irrelevant prospecting that is inflicted on us on a daily basis. Our emails, phones, texts, social channels overflow with poorly designed and […]