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Jul 15 20

Helping Our Customers Face Uncertainty

by David Brock

Probably the single biggest issue anyone and every organization faces today is uncertainty. Each of us faces things few have every experienced in the past–at least at this magnitude. We have a global health pandemic, economic, political and social turmoil. We have businesses that are facing massive disruption. We face impacts […]

Jul 4 20

The Risky Path Forward

by David Brock

Our collective worlds have been disrupted and changed forever. Whether it’s how we interact in our communities or businesses, everything has changed.

Markets and industries have been turned upside down. Some will take years to recover. The nature of work has changed forever–and that change is not just virtual. How we get […]

Mar 17 20

Buying During Difficult Times

by David Brock

Complex B2B buying is never easy. I’ve written, extensively, about how difficult it is for buyers to align diverse priorities and agendas, and navigate the buying process. The majority of buying ends in no decision made. The need hasn’t disappeared, the customer, for various good/bad reasons just fail to make a buying […]

Dec 9 19

False Choices: Transactional Versus Solution Selling Approaches

by David Brock

Often, I get into conversations about the sales approach a company deploys. There are questions of, “should we be transactional, product, solutions, consultative focused?”

Often, particularly with XaaS companies, the executives leap to the conclusion, “We have to be transactional, “SaaS” focused. We want to drive predictable revenue through a high volume/velocity transactional […]