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  1. Lots of great points here David! I particularly like how you articulate the important difference between the volume/velocity approach and it’s effectiveness in low risk, smaller ticket items vs. it’s challenges in the enterprise sale. One size does NOT fit all!

    • Thanks Don, the worlds of our customers is so complex and ripples through to make our own sales deployment strategies very complex. One size doesn’t fit all, in fact we have to integrate a number of approaches within each of our organizations. Managing this, providing a seamless experience for our customers. is critical for both our and our customers’.

  2. Scott Woodhouse permalink

    Great article. This model is only going to expand. Profit I’d HUGE, yet great benefits to the customer. I use it with Microsoft Office. $10/month gives me 10 users and non-obselence. I have only seen a few internal models, but years 2 &3 are pure profit.

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