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  1. How influential was our coffee meeting, vs. reflective time with a Guinness? Yeah, I know… “it depends!”

    That’s my favorite, annoying answer to so many questions. Context is the new black (and is still the old gray, like your hair.)

    Seriously, I hope people recognize the depth hidden in this tongue-in-cheek post, Dave. I’ve been harping lately that models that help people figure things out are better than telling them what to do. (Guess that’s my re-hash of the old “give a man a fish… teach a man to fish…”)

    1. Fish where the fish are.
    2. The fish hang in multiple schools.
    3. Educating… still one of the best differentiators.
    4. Be relevant and create real value.
    5. Collaborate to co-create even more powerful value.
    6. Keep learning and evolving.

    Just like the Guinness commercial, Dave… Brilliant!

  2. As Mike is superb at deep and comprehensive articulation of all the jots and tittles of a great sales process, you are equally gifted at the “zoom out” overview that helps put things in perspective very concisely. Me– I’m just a cranky “skills” guy… 🙂

    Seriously, I think this is a great sanity checklist to evaluate any sales process we might develop in any one of a myriad ways for any one of a myriad companies. Great guidelines to make sure we are still ready to be flexible and customer-centric enough to stay relevant.

    Thanks again!

  3. I couldn’t agree more!! Knowing your audience and finding where they are hanging out is KEY!! The ultimate lesson we can take away from your well-written article, is there is no prescription for sales. Each patient will need the right combination to fix what ails them. In this case, to get sell them the product and service that they need. Good sales teams know that no two clients have the same needs, therefore no two solutions will be the same. Investing time to engage and form relationships is imperative to sales and business development. And while I’m not a big fan of Guiness, I can appreciate the power of reflections made pool-side.

    • Ken, you really have to take the time to develop an appreciation of Guinness 😉

      It amazes me that so many supposedly smart people declare, “The future of selling is this…” or “The future of selling is that….” In reality, it’s probably a combination of approaches. Thanks for the great comment.

  4. Don Mulhern permalink

    AMEN! Right on the money Dave! Appreciate you sharing a realistic perspective grounded in experience vs. all the “death of” and “the new” hype out there by people with an agenda to hawk their wares. Refreshing and validating. Nice!

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