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What Market Narrative Are You Shaping To Help Your Customers?

by David Brock on May 27th, 2020

The pandemic is impacting everyone and everything in profound ways. Few of us have seen this level of disruption in our life times, something that impacts every individual, in every country, and every business and community in the world.

Many are reeling with the personal, organizational, and community impacts. Each of us is searching for answers–often the questions are unanswerable, currently. Some may never be answerable, but we have to figure out how to address them.

People are trying to make sense with the new dynamic. What does what is happening mean to us as individuals? As organizations? As communities? What do we do to move forward? How do we recover? What if we can’t?

Some look forward, futilely wishing that things return to the way they were BC-Before Covid. Some are just struggling with “today,” not even capable of thinking about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Then there are some true leaders. They are shaping a new narrative–a new narrative for their organizations, people, customers, markets, and communities. They are seeing new opportunities, new ways to engage, new markets to engage. They recognize the new narrative is all about sensemaking, empathy, and Best Thinking!

They recognize the new narratives create great value, leadership, and help within their constituencies. These leaders will be at the forefront of driving progress within their organizations, customers, and markets.

What new narrative are you creating? How are you leveraging this to help your people, customers, markets make sense of what is happening and determine clear paths forward?

There has never been a time to create and seize so much new opportunity! Are you positioning yourself and your organization to take advantage of this in moving yourselves and your customer forward?

Afterword: Both Mitch Little and Nick Toman have offered real leadership in this area. Be sure to read their stuff!

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