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The Wentworth Prospect

by David Brock on September 5th, 2021

I get the chance to preview dozens of books on sales, marketing and business. Most have unique ideas, I always learn from them. Every once in a while one stands out. The Wentworth Prospect by John Smibert, Wayne Moloney, and Jeff Clulow is stunning!

When I started on the first page, I was suddenly caught up in a mystery. It was a novel, filled with an intriguing story about “Sue,” and her challenges selling a major deal. As with many stories, she face adversity, challenges. There are characters that were trying to make Sue fail, there were supporters. New challenges popped up with each chapter.

As I read the story, I could reflect back on similar situations I have faced. I empathized with the emotional ups and downs Sue went through. The story had a compelling plot line that captured me.

Yet, it was not just a clever plot line, but there was great substance underlying everything Sue and her colleagues did. The leveraged the EDVANCE methodology to engage the customer in talking about their challenges and dreams. They used a disciplined approach to help the customer navigate their buying process through the final decision.

I was struck by how powerfully the authors introduced these tools and demonstrated them in use. When I was confused and wanted to learn more, I could go to a website for a deep dive into the approach.

Below, is a link to a fascinating conversation I had with John, Wayne, and Jeff. I hope you enjoy it. More importantly, I hope it provokes you to buy and read the Wentworth Prospect.

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