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The Present Opportunity

by David Brock on March 10th, 2020

Our societies, communities, workplaces and businesses are in turmoil. The Covid-19 virus, oil prices, and other disruptions are converging on creating business and economic crises–and opportunities.

The natural reaction of many sales people is to sit back, saying, “The economy is bad, people aren’t buying!” The reality is, this is the time when there is a higher propensity to buy than any other time.

Think about it for a moment, when things are good, the mentality of many is, “Why change?” There are still problems, but there may be less urgency in addressing those problems.

When do people buy? When there is a compelling/trigger event. When there is a problem (or opportunity). When there is a compelling reason to change. When the adverse consequences of doing nothing are greater than the pain of the change.

As we face disruption both through the Covid-19 virus and it’s impact on society and business, our customers are facing problems and challenges. Some may be new, most probably aren’t but the current challenges make them more visible and more urgent to address.

It’s at times, sales people can create great value–not in capitalizing on the misfortune that has been created, but in helping customers identify and address the challenges they face.

This is not the time to sit back, waiting for things to return to “normal,” it’s time for us to reach out and help our customers deal with the challenges the face through current world/economic events.

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