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Bit And Pieces, September 29, 2019

by David Brock on September 29th, 2019

Just a quick book recommendation, On Tyranny, Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century, by Timothy Snyder.

It’s a fascinating read, not just because of his take on current politics. He looks at how the roots of what we see happening in the US (and the world) can be analyzed against similar things that have happened in global politics throughout the past century.

But, looking beyond that, I was fascinated about the applicability of his lessons outside of politics–to business, and to our social interactions. For me, applying those lessons to how businesses grow and thrive, what drives them to succeed or fail gave me a number of “Aha,” moments.

You may not agree with Mr. Snyder’s politics and the conclusions of his analysis, but his principles applied to our business lives are very insightful and things we can learn from.

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