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Removing Obstacles!

by David Brock on October 22nd, 2020

When you look at the job of the sales person or that of the manager, at it’s core, it’s really about removing obstacles.

For sales people, it’s about removing obstacles to our customers’ success. It’s helping them achieve their goals–business and personal. It’s helping them recognize there are things that may be blocking them from realizing their goals or dreams. It’s helping them navigate all the things that get in the way of their moving forward, to help them develop and execute a plan.

Managers and leaders, likewise, have the same responsibility to their customers–their people. Their job is to remove the obstacles that prevent their people from achieving their goals. Perhaps it’s providing them tools, systems, processes, training, programs, coaching. Perhaps it’s removing internal roadblocks, helping them get things done within the organization. Perhaps it’s the barriers we create for ourselves through lack of knowledge, poor execution discipline, or maybe being in the wrong role.

There are always things that stand in front of “our” abilities to achieve our goals. Removing them, blasting through them, flattening them, going around them—whatever it takes, it’s our job to help our customers and our people get to the other side of these obstacles.

Too often, we let these obstacles stand in the way, of our customers, of what we do to help our customers, within our organizations, and within ourselves. “We” let them stop us.

What’s interesting, when we look at these obstacles, the things that stop our customers and us, we don’t overcome them alone. We overcome them by working together! By aligning to overcome these shared obstacles. Working together to achieve our shared goals.

What are you doing to remove obstacles?

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