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  1. Clear, insightful and wise advice, Dave.
    “look in the mirror , first!”

    • Thanks Brian. I’m always a little hesitant to look in the mirror myself, they tend to shatter 😉

  2. Great post, Dave. External circumstances make a great substitute for grinding it out; for constantly doing the little things that lead to success.
    It reminds me of my golf game. I’m not willing to practice consistently or get instruction; I think I ought to be a decent player just because I show up. Then I blame the clubs or something else. Go figure….

    • Great analogy Kelly–it took me a while to figure out my handicap was me 😉 I spent $100’s in new clubs, gadgets, everything. Until I realized it was me and started focusing on my swing, attitude, etc. I couldn’t improve. Thanks for the great comment!

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