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“My Outlook Is Money, And Money Is Money!”

by David Brock on January 4th, 2018

My friend Keenan was on one of his rants on LinkedIn.  This particular rant was on really bad prospecting through LinkedIn.  It generate a huge amount of conversation (Jim, I would have chosen a different shirt 😉 )

I was struck by a number of comments arguing against Jim, basically saying anything goes.  One leaped out to me from a woman stating, “My outlook is money, and money is money!”

I was stunned by that statement, but in reality, I suspect far too many sales people hold that view, but don’t express it.  There’s no telling whether this individual is successful, perhaps she is.

But it causes one to wonder if she might be much more successful if she changed her mindset and approach.

This singular, self centered approach on our own commissions is never successful, at least over a sustained period of time.

Customers aren’t stupid, they immediately see through these approaches.  There are reams of data showing these approaches drive customers away.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making money.  In reality, I’m driven to maximize our company’s growth and revenue, as well as my own personal income/net worth.

Perhaps that’s the difference with this woman’s statement.  What I’ve learned, and what the data seems to support, is that we maximize our ability to do business with our customers, to drive revenue and personal income by helping our customers achieve our goals.

Stated differently, the easiest way to achieve our goals is through helping our customers achieve their goals.

The moment our focus shifts to our personal success and attainment, we lose our ability to focus on the customer.  We are losing our connection with the customer.  We are no longer creating value with the customer, instead focusing on the value we create for ourselves.

Our customers lose their ability to trust that we can help them, when our priority is our personal attainment, rather achieving success through their success.

We miss the opportunity to build a bigger sale, we miss the opportunity to drive repeat business because customers want to work with us, we miss the opportunity to drive referrals because customers value the way we value them.

What’s your outlook?

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  1. Martin J Frey permalink

    It’s a matter of perspective that changes through experience and guidance. Almost everyone learns the difference between effort based success and achievement reached due to sustainable value creation. We all have different paths and speeds. I interrupted my LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting to reply to this post. I’m sure I could be better at it. We can all learn from each other if we put our egos aside and listen.

  2. Dave,

    I agree with you. As a coach customers highlight many of their sales issues with me. Some of those issues I have services/solutions that would solve their problem.

    As much as I am eager to gain more business, I am very careful not to lose focus or credibility with the customer and my role as a coach.

    As for Jim’s shirt, it is his trademark.

    Wishing you a great year!


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