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High Performance Sales, 10 Things Sales Managers Must Worry About

by David Brock on June 15th, 2010

Today, I am a keynote speaker as part of Microsoft’s  and’s Dynamic Business Week Series.  My session is at 10:00 am PDT, join me if you can.

The job of the sales manager is very difficult.  It requires constant juggling of priorities and management of contradictions.  The presentation focuses on 1o areas a manager must pay attention to to achieve the highest levels of performance:

  1. Customers are changing the way they buy, are you changing the way you sell?
  2. Is your sales process current, are you using it?
  3. Are you creating value in your customer’s buying process?
  4. Do your people use the selling process as a personal productivity tool?
  5. CRM is for your sales people, not for you…but once they are using it, you get tremendous insight.
  6. Metrics count, personal and organizational.
  7. Coaching is critical, every day!
  8. Protect your people from the organization.
  9. Beware of the sales manager “Superman Syndrome.”
  10. Your job is to get things done through your people.
  11. As a bonus:  Keep your balance, you have to constantly juggle customers, coaching and people development, business strategy, business management, performance management, processes, tools, training, navigating the organization.  It’s easy to lose your way.

If you would like a free annotated copy of the full presentation just click on the link:  High Performance Sales, 10 Things Managers Must Worry About.

Sales management is a tough job, but it’s very rewarding when everything comes together and you see your team performing at the highest levels possible.  You become unbeatable!

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  1. Dave – Once again, you “walk the walk” of sharing your expertise. Kudos! – Todd

  2. And as a bonus, bonus, here number 12 to consider (or worry) about: the use of social media by your salespeople. What type of image are they projecting to your clients and prospects?

    No wonder sales managers go bald early (at least I did!).

    • Brian: Great suggestion, incorporating social media into our sales strategies—appropriately–is something we all need to worry about. I’m not sure I advocate sales people blogging as part of the business (but I am on the fence), but they do need to leverage social media to listen, learn, develop strong strategies.

      I had always attributed baldness to increased head temeratures due to very high brain function 😉

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