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  1. Martin Schmalenbach permalink

    Ah, this got me thinking Dave…

    If an account is not a ‘target’ account, is it worth putting live, expensive resources on? Perhaps in some industries it is, but are they the minority, I wonder?

    Accounts that are not target accounts perhaps should get some kind of self service/marketing automation offering – we have limited resources, no matter how big we are, and we can’t be everywhere all the time, nor can we be “all things to all men” as the quote goes…

    Thanks agin. Now, back to changing the world, just one star fish at a time… 😉

    • Martin, resurfacing after Boot Camp 😉

      We can’t and shouldn’t be investing in every account. Clearly defining our sweet spots focuses us on the accounts/segments where we create the greatest value. Just like ABM/ABS/ABE focuses on named accounts, the Sweet Spot focuses us on accounts/segments where we can be “all things” to them (with some caveats 😉

      Love the changing the world comment!

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