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Will Your Supplier Still Be Here Tomorrow?

by David Brock on April 30th, 2009
For regular readers of this blog, you know I’ve been evangelizing rich collaboration and expressing concern about the health of the Supply Chain. If you want to re-read the post: If Your Suppliers Are In Trouble, Then You Are In Trouble.

I’m not the only person concerned about this. Today, I read an interesting article in CFO Magazine: Will Your Supplier Still Be Here Tomorrow? The article focuses on the supply chain in the automotive industry, but the issue applies to all industries.

Why write about this in a blog that focuses so much on Sales and Marketing? It’s easy, the issue to me, as a sales professional, is: If I don’t have great products, if I can’t fulfill my customers’ orders on a timely basis, if my product quality starts to decline; how will I be able to achieve my sales objectives.

I’d like to get your views on this issue and what your companies are doing. I welcome your comments, but on Monday, I will be publishing a link to a survey. Anyone who participates and completes the survey will get a copy of the results for free. Stay tuned, in the mean time, please provide your thoughts.

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