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What’s Your Focus?

by David Brock on November 26th, 2011

I work with dozens of organizations and hundreds to thousands of business professionals every year.  Over time, I’ve noticed some important differences in the focus of many of these people and organizations.  Some (too many) focus on avoiding failure, some focus on achieving success.

Aren’t they the same?  They actually can’t be more different.  We frame our view of the world in very different ways, pose questions in different ways. develop very different strategies, take different risks.

When your focus in on achieving success, you sometimes fail.  But you learn from that failure, you apply those lessons to achieving success.

When your focus is on avoiding failure, you sometimes fail.  If you are smart, you apply those lessons to avoiding future failures.  But you miss something important, you don’t kearn how to achieve success.  Sometimes your focus on avoiding failure blinds you to what success looks like.

We all fail.  What we do with it depends on our focus.  We can focus on avoiding failure, or we can focus on achieving success.

What’s your focus?

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