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  1. David this is a fantastic article. I think we all know only too well that unfortunately selling often has a poor reputation. But when you frame the profession in this light, it loses all of those negative connotations. I guess you also find that accountability in sales people is a big issue for many companies. I think the way you’ve framed this also helps position accountability in a positive light too. Thanks for sharing such an insightful and impactful article.

    • Thanks so much Alistair! It’s amazing how similar our roles are to entrepreneurs. To many of our customer, we “are” the company–not the CEO, management team or anyone else. We are who our customers see and deal with everyday.

  2. Great article David, and this is exactly the ethos behind @Pipelinersales.

    Particularly when you start to consider the new era of Sales this becomes incredibly relevant.

  3. Mark Modesti permalink

    A great way to look at this. I’m feeling a little more entrepreneurial already! Thanks, David.

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