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On Giving Thanks

by David Brock on November 24th, 2021

In the US, we have this custom of reserving one day each year of giving Thanks. It’s a time to get together with family and friends, over indulge in eating and watching football (The American version). And we do take moments to reflect and give thanks.

There is a lot that we, and specifically me, can be thankful about at this time of year. A year ago, we reflected on a year that most of us have never encountered–health, economy, social and other challenges causing us to rethink everything we believe in and do.

A year later, we face many of the same things. I’ve had friends/family dealing with Covid and other health issues. I’m thankful they have recovered. All of us have had to rethink so much of what we do, how we work, what home and family life means. And we have all had to rethink great social issues and what it means to be a member of a larger community.

As much as a struggle as it may be, it is important for each of us to go through these things. Too often, we get complacent and distracted. We don’t take the time to reflect, rethink, remember, and be thankful. So these events that have impacted each of us in different ways provide a forcing function to change.

Over this period of time, like everyone, I have had some both personal and other challenges. I’ve been disturbed by much of what I see going on in our societies. I am fortunate to have family, great friends, colleagues, and clients that help me, even though they may not recognize how helpful and important they are to me. Thanks, somehow, seems insufficient, but thank you.

A few years ago, a friend got me into a new practice. I am an avid journaller. Part of my journalling practice, every day, is to list three things for which I’m grateful. I do this every day. This morning, I was skimming through some of those items. Some made me laugh, some were things I’d forgotten, it was good to be reminded/refreshed. But the practice has been very helpful to me. It’s made me a little more open, patient, and less selfish. However good or bad a day has been, taking the time to think on what I’m grateful for–even if it’s just that a particular day is over, has been helpful.

For those of you who are looking for new practices, I encourage both journalling and taking the time, everyday, to identify a few things for which you are grateful.

Thanks for your patience in reading through this more personal post. It’s a rare departure from my commentary on sales, leadership, and business. It’s a departure from my whining about some of the stupidity I see in social media and business.

One of the great privileges I have in writing this blog is the ability to “meet” so many new people around the world, to share ideas and experiences. I learn so much through these interactions and am deeply appreciative of those that engage directly, through comments, or through social media. Thank you!

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