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Do Our Rules, Procedures And Incentives Limit Our Effectiveness?

by David Brock on December 6th, 2009

A soapbox I have been on has been to put the “thoughtfulness” back into our business practice. What I mean by this is not being courteous and polite to people (though we should be), but to be thought-full in how we develop and execute our business, sales and marketing strategies.  To not blindly do what we have done in the past, but to think about what we should be doing, to think about doing things right, and to do the right thing.

Too often, it seems that we go through the motions.  Or because we don’t trust our people to be thoughtful, we encumber them with rules, procedures, and needlessly complicated processes focused on our internal requirements and not serving the customer, and potentially not growing our business.  We add to this, by putting in place incentives to reinforce this.

I don’t normally put other materials in this blog, but, thanks to Deborah Nixon, I found this inspirational TED talk by Barry Schwartz on Our Loss Of Wisdom.  It’s 20 minutes long, but worth your time.  He expresses what I have been struggling with, but have not found a way.  Enjoy it.

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