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  1. Excellent post, David! It’s amazing how people on both the marketing and sales side don’t consider what the experience is like from the “other” side.

    • Ardath, it’s so great to see you here again! Thanks so much for the comment. It’s amazing to me, but too often we are blind to the perceptions of others and their experience of us. We forget what they are seeing and thinking and the impressions we create. If their experience in the nurturing and buying process is difficult, it is reasonable for them to expect it to be bad if they buy.

      If we are really customer centric and want to create great customer experiences, we have to look at the entire experience including that before they become customers.

      Thanks so much for contributing! Hope all is well! Regards, Dave

      • All is great on my side. Hope the same is true for you. It has been a while since we’ve talked.

        Also – I linked back to your post from mine today. Thanks for the inspiration!

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