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Bits And Pieces, September 14, 2019

by David Brock on September 15th, 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve published one of these. The purpose of the “Bits and Pieces series is to point you to outstanding books, events, podcasts, and other resources.

I won’t do reviews of the materials, at most a comment. Please trust that if I put it on this list, I think the work is outstanding and worth your time.

The UnAmerican Dream, Carlos Hidalgo. This is a stunning book on Carlo’s personal journey to find sanity in his life and to focus on those things that are most important and drive meaning in one’s life. Carlos is a great friend and his message is very powerful.

21 Letters On Life And It’s Challenges, Charles Handy. Charles is one of the best business thinkers/philosophers in the world. I’m a huge fan of his writing. This book is a little different, it’s reflections on life and what’s important. A good companion piece to Carlos’ book. Also, I encourage you to pick up any of his books. You will get a unique perspective on business, leadership, and effectiveness.

Self-Renewal: The Individual And The Innovative Society, John Gardner. Long time readers will recognize John Gardner. I’m a terrific fan of all his work. Like Charles Handy, the depth and quality of his thinking is stunning. The clarity with which he writes about issues is stunning. It was originally published in the 60’s, I first read it in the 90’s. A friend recently suggested re-reading it, because of it’s huge relevance to the issues we as individuals, organizations, and societies are dealing with.

Prognosis: A Memoir Of My Brain, Sarah Vallance. This is a fascinating book about Sarah’s experience with a severe brain injury and her struggle to recover, both mentally and to re-establish relationships and work.

Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How To Thrive In Complexity, Jennifer Garvey Berger. I actually am a fan of all her books. This is relatively new and outstanding. The title is description enough.

Range, Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World, David Epstein. This has been a very popular book. It’s really outstanding in looking at how expertise and experience, can be very limiting in addressing many of the challenges we face in business and society. It’s a great companion piece to Berger’s book.

Principles In Action, Ray Dalio. This is actually an IOS App that is a companion piece to Dalio’s Principles. The App not only has the full text of the book. but it provides case studies and other materials. It provides a facility for you to start building your own priniciples and can become a powerful guide to your own development.

Farnam Street: I’ve mentioned this website a number of times in prior posts. This is probably one of my favorite resources to look at every Friday evening and Sunday mornings. The focus is on learning, critical thinking, mental models, decision-making and more. It is consistently one of the most thoughtful resources I’ve found. The blog and podcasts are on my weekly review list. I’ joined their learning community, which is a premium offering going much deeper into these issues, hosting very thoughtful community discussions. This should be a must read on your lists.

Enjoy these. Please let me know resources you find powerful in your own learning.

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