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Being Different Or Being Impactful?

by David Brock on November 7th, 2011

Everyone wants to stand out, everyone wants to be different.  Each marketing campaign attempts to be provocative and memorable.  Sales people try different techniques to set themselves apart, making them more memorable.  But too often, it seems these efforts really miss the mark.

Too often, it seems the focus is on being different.  There is so much “noise” in the system that to stand out we have to be even more outrageous.  We must make stronger, more dramatic claims, we must “shout” more loudly.  Soon we lose sight of what we are doing, and being different becomes the end itself.  It seems that too much of what we do is simply being different.

Somehow, it seems that being impactful is more important.  Being able to make a difference, helping your customer achieve a result is the ultimate differentiator.  Often, the most impactful don’t look different, they may be kind of quiet.

Is it more important do be different or impactful?  Can you separate them?

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  1. We say be great not different. Because sometimes you want to be the best of. Like offering service. We want to offer the best service but we also want to be great

  2. I would agree with making an impact and often it is the silent, still and very present sales person that is truly listening, understands your needs, the implications and meets them. Based on the my own IT sales experience its the business people who are connected to what’s really happening that win the business, because they tick all the boxes and create that trusted partner alliance that wins more repeat business.

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