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  1. Dave, I could not agree more with you on the need of a framework to improve individual effectiveness of Sales Manager and organizational effectiveness of their teams.
    I just come back from a three day class with students working on their MA in Strategic Sales Management where we discussed a systemic approach to sales management which obviously requires a solid framework.

    • Christian: It’s amazing how simple this concept is, yet how few people do this. Without a framework, it’s impossible to drive consistent performance improvement.

  2. Show me
    your Goals, Strategies, Objectives and Tactics and RESULTS? I ask.
    They, then show me a this year/last year Calendar Plan,
    on excel!

    Get with the program, Sales Managers if you are not Managing Performance, then you are relying on LUCK!

    Luck is a commodity in very short supply!
    How is that working out for you?

    Great Post, Dave on a key Sales Management issue.

  3. ” We move from decision to decision, address problem after problem, without understanding what these mean to our overall performance. We put patches or Band-Aids here, quick fixes there, plug up leaks somewhere else.”

    Fantastic point. We see a problem and try to patch it up as best as we can, without really trying to understand why there was a problem in the firs place. And while you can plug a leak that doesn’t mean the underlying issue (a cracking pipe) has been totally resolved.

    • Thanks Trish, it’s funny how we always tend to put band-aids over things thinking it’s expedient. In the end we waste more effort and resources by not addressing the root cause. Thanks for the comment.

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