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An Unprecedented Opportunity

by David Brock on May 3rd, 2020

The current pandemic and financial crises create an unprecedented opportunity to engage our customers in high value and impact ways.

In normal times, helping the customer understand and committing to change is, often, the biggest challenge. It is human nature to resist change. Unless the pain of doing nothing is greater than the pain of change, the rational decision for many is to do nothing. Too often, our customers my not recognize the need to change or have no sense of urgency around changing.

Today, our own organizations, our suppliers, our customers, our competitors all face a changed world. For most, change is not an option, it’s mandatory. The issues become which changes must we make now, how do we manage the risks of those changes, how do we accelerate time to results?

Our customers are struggling, they are trying to cope, to adjust. For some weeks, for many, their lives and businesses have been on pause. For others, their businesses may have suffered greatly by massive shutdowns.

They are trying to re-establish growth, to adjust to new realities, in the face of many unknowns. They are trying to figure out what to do, which of many things they might prioritize, and how they move forward. For many, the highest priority projects may be very unfamiliar. They’ve not done them before, or at least not done them when faced with the current realities.

They need help!

Since virtually all our customers are facing the same challenges, we huge potential. Helping our customers understand what they should do, helping them understand the issues, risk, challenges and how we can help manage them. Developing plans that maximize their success and minimize time to results are critical as they begin to recover and rebuild.

But remember, to capitalize on this, opportunity, all our focus has to be on the customer and how we help them navigated these uncertain times. It is not about us or our products, it is about how we help them recover and move forward.

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