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Why Do We Reserve Moments Of Reflection And Renewal To The New Year?

by David Brock on December 31st, 2010

The New Year is an interesting time.  It’s time when everything seems to be re-set.  We have new goals and objectives.  We resolve to change things, to do things differently.  Somehow, we all start the New Year with a clean slate, whatever happened last year is in the past, things are new and fresh.

Things start out great, we’re focused, energized, excited.   We do seem to change things, we get some great new initiatives going, we get some great traction. 

 Too soon, life happens again, we get caught up in the momentum of every day events.  Over time, our best intentions seem to get derailed.  We slowly lose focus, our resolve diminishes, we get diverted.  We start to feel guilty, we try to get back on track, but it can be a losing battle.  We start reacting, some of us get on autopilot, we trudge on…..

Then we look back on the New Year, somehow every New Year, we manage to set everything from the previous year aside, we are re-freshed, re-newed, re-energized, re-focused.  I begin to think, maybe it’s worthwhile to have a New Year every quarter.  Take some time to reflect on the previous quarter, re-assess things, re-prioritize, re-set our goals and objectives, start all over focused, energized, excited.  Perhaps what we get out of the time we spend reflecting and re-setting each New Year is too important to do only once a year.  Maybe it’s worthwhile to have New Year more often through the year.

Just a thought……

Best wishes for a Great 2011!

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