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  1. Dave said “with ABM, we can be even more targeted, ‘We know that XYZ is a strategic initiative in your organization, and top management has established this goal……’ (Ironically, I never see ABM programs that say something to this effect, even though they could. Perhaps, I’m not looking in the right places.)”

    Did you ever hit the nail on the head with your “ironically” statement.

    Seems to me ABM by current execution is about having a 360 degree view of the customer/prospect, knowing all the touch points, mining social media for everything anyone at an account says about the subject du jour, etc. In short, a more effective stalking mechanism???

    How radical would it be if the hypothesis you surmise was executed in real life? Huge. One of our customers got a 25% response rate in a cold campaign by doing exactly that. That’s what happens when you communicate value and impact on an account basis, versus stalking on an account basis.

    Good work!


  2. David, ABM hype is reflective of the immaturity of B2B marketing. As you point out, B2B selling with a complex, solution or value sale is ALL target account selling.

    I’d like to extend on your excellent concluding points. To “change the value we create with these partners” requires a deeper understanding than many vendors have about each customer’s “value model.” This is a critical role for marketing to support sales. Extend persona work and apply research skills to discover insights around customer value models.

    The sales conversation and content implications are significant. This raises the bar for insight-based, targeted, relevant conversations and content. Just as reps must be situationallly fluent to adapt conversations, organizations must design and create content so it can also be tailored at the front line for optimum relevance for customers and usefulness for sellers.

    • Jim, I think you hit the nail on the head. Exploiting the promise of real Account Based Marketing/Selling requires a deep understanding of each customer’s value model/drivers, then adapting our marketing and sales efforts to discussing how we help them more effectively achieve their goals in the context of that value model and drivers.

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