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What Should We Be Doing Differently?

by David Brock on February 9th, 2013

We get caught up in our day to day routines and activities.  Habit, momentum keep us doing the same things in the same ways, day after day.

Our best practices and good processes, also keep us doing the same thing day after day.  We’ve designed what we do based on what has made us successful.  They’ve served us well.  We systematize them and replicate.

Every once in a while, despite how well we are doing, we need to pause and ask ourselves the question, “What should be be doing differently?”

When we aren’t meeting our goals, we know we have to do things differently.

It’s more difficult when we have success.  Why change?  Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

But there is always a better way.  Maybe it’s tuning and sharpening what we already do.  Maybe it’s a big change from what we are doing.

The highest performers focus on continuous improvement.  By definition, they are doing well.  But they know there is always a better.  They focus constantly on getting better, regardless how good they are right now.

High performers don’t get seduced by best–they know best is fleeting, that better comes after best.

Success is deceptive, it traps us, we don’t realize we are trapped until we stop seeing it–but then we are in trouble, or it may be too late.

Periodically, turn off all the distractions.  Go some place quiet–by your self or with you team.  Ask yourself, What Should We Be Doing Differently?

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