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The Sales Conversation

by David Brock on July 19th, 2019

In some recent projects, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze sales conversations.

I’ve been tracking conversations sales people are having, from the very first conversation to the closing conversations.

We know each conversation is different, they vary from company to company, customer to customer. But listening to enough of them, one starts to notice patterns.

Here’s a brief synopsis of how conversations seem to progress through the selling cycle:

“Hello, let me tell you about our product, would you be interested in learning more?”

“Let me send you links to some case studies and brochures.”

“This is more of what our product does, and let me tell you about how great our company is.”

“These are the super impressive customers that use our product.”

“This is how our product works.” (usually the demo)

“By the way, we have gotten awards…”

“Do you have any questions about our product?”

“This is what our product costs, but we might be open to discounting, just for you.”

“Our product is better than the alternatives.”

“Do you have any questions about our product?”

“Our product is better than that other solution you are considering, don’t forget the super impressive customers that have selected our product orver the alternatives.”

“Would you buy our product if we gave you a deeper discount?”

“Would you buy our product if it were cheaper than the alternative?”

“Let me see what discount I can get.”

Now, all we have to do now is scale the number of conversations…..

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