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Sales Manager’s Self Audit and Management Checklist

by David Brock on August 26th, 2009

I’m a great fan of checklists.  Using checklists means I don’t have to encumber my mind with remembering everything  (when you have a mind as feeble as mine, it’s really critical).  Checklists are also a way to quickly inspect what I am doing to make sure I’m executing as sharply and efficiently as possible.

On August 3, I posted Sales Leaders Organizational Checkup and Self-Assessment.  It was a guest post, authored by my good friend, Jeff Stanley, Director Of Sales Excellence, AT&T Mobility.  We got some interesting feedback from that post.  As a result, I have put together a Sales Manager Self Audit Checklist.  It is based on the items Jeff identified in his post, but I’ve expanded it to cover some issues that came in the feedback. 

Even experienced managers will find this a useful reminder, helping to make sure you cover all the bases in managing and leading the organization.  To get a free copy of this, just click on this link:  Sales Manager Self Audit Checklist.  

No checklist is ever finished.  They need to be adapted to specific situations or organizational needs.  They need to evolve as your capabilities and the markets evolve.  Likewise, these checklists are a starting point.  Take them and adapt them to your needs.  Give us feedback, they are living tools we will be updating several times a year.

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