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Sales Leadership Is About Human Leadership!

by David Brock on June 20th, 2019

There are thousands of books and articles about selling and how to be a great sales leader–either individually as a sales person or organizationally.

Most of these focus on what we should be doing–we need to be customer focused, we need to prospect , we need to have full pipelines, we need to….

We spend, as a profession, billions in training, tools, programs, to help us improve as sales leaders.

We say selling is a people business, yet we focus on the mechanization of our interactions.

We miss, sales leadership is really about human leadership. Whether we are serving our customers or serving our people.

Sales leadership mandates us to:

  • Learn how to care.
  • Learn how to understand.
  • Learn how to serve.

I need to share the single most impactful podcast I’ve listened to in years. It’s a conversation between two people I am proud to call friends, and two of the very best thinkers/doers I know in our profession: Brent Adamson of Gartner, and Mitch Little, EVP Global Sales, Microchip.

I have 5 pages of notes from the best 50 minute conversation I have heard.

I hope you enjoy it and learn as much as I did!

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