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MOVE Or Die!

by David Brock on March 11th, 2013

Imagine, you are in the middle of a road, a car is hurtling at 60 miles per hour (100 kph) directly at you.  It’s making no attempt to stop.  The answer is pretty obvious, almost instinctual, you MOVE.  You know if you don’t, you will certainly be hit and die.

The action we must take is obvious, it’s instinctual, we take action instinctually.  Our innate drive to survive causes us to move.

Yet in business, every day we are faced with thing hurtling toward us—changing customer buying patterns, changing competition, changing business conditions.  Yet we don’t move, we don’t change.

We know things aren’t right, we’re doing all the same things we used to, but we don’t have enough leads.  Customers no longer will take the time to see us.  Our pipelines aren’t as robust as they used to be.  Our win rates are plummeting.  We’re forced to discount–not just occasionally, but every time.  We have to spend more and more hours producing less and less.

Yet we keep doing the same things, perhaps at a faster pace, spending more time working.  We leverage technology–it enables us to do the same old thing faster and faster, but doesn’t change the outcome.

We’re paralyzed in the middle of the road of our business.  “Cars” are hurtling toward us, yet we don’t move, we don’t change, we keep doing the same thing.

If we don’t change we die.

What are you doing to change?

How are you looking at what you do, personally, to improve?

How are you looking at what you do, personally, to innovate?

What are you doing to improve and innovate with your organization?

What are you doing to help your customer improve and innovate?

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