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Mastering Your Value Proposition

by David Brock on July 4th, 2016

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Will Barron of Salesman Red about Value Propositions. As Will reflected in the discussion, too many sales people don’t really understand Value Propositions or how they create the most value for their customers.

I enjoyed the discussion with Will. Hope you do, as well.

By the way, Will runs a regular series of video and podcasts.  They are outstanding, make sure you visit.



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  1. Dave,

    Great podcast. I’ve had some success with my clients in talking about Value Process vs Value Proposition. It seems like just semantics, but I’ve found I can move people from thinking about the “script” into thinking about the issues you talk about here and into an “outside-in” mindset.


    • Andy, that’s a great approach–it’s much more relevant to the way we need to look at value. thanks for sharing!

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