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  1. Brian MacIver permalink

    In Golf, my other great Passion, there is the concept of the *perfect round*, or Vision 54. This is a round of 18 birdies giving a score of 54 on a Par 72 Golf Course.

    Annika Sörenstam a top Ladies Golfer subscribed to this as a personal target. She had 93 tour wins and 10 major titles. The average golfer targets Par Golf [72] the exceptional golfer sets a far higher standard.

    The same is true in Selling.

    • Brian, thanks so much for reminding us. I had heard this before and it slipped my mind. It’s a great example of how truly top performers are not satisfied with merely achieving goal, but they set their own standards of performance much higher. (For the time being, I struggle with breaking 100, so my first goal is consistent 1 over per hole, then, par, then the perfect round. I’ve got a loooooooong way to go1)

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