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  1. Scott Woodhouse permalink

    Interesting article and interesting approach. Some of us did not have the luxury of a support system, and that’s neither good or bad. Today I find it amazing how people quickly panic when a large strategic deal comes along. While in school, I remeber something we were taught. “Just don’t do something, stand there”. (My background is critical care medicine, and the idea is to always access the scene before you go in and possibly get yourself or one of your teammates killed). Probably good advice.

    Large complex deals will not get done overnight. Don’t panic. Another thing we used to do with the students is create a scene where we would have a scene where we had a multiple car wreck, pedestrian struck, screaming kids, you name it. It was designed to confuse the students to remember the basics of ABC or Air Way, Breathing, Circulation. Go back to the berry basics you learn and start from there. Everything else comes together and falls into place.

    Their are pro’s and cons to large teams and small teams and brain storming large strategic deals. I think Dave does a great job of pointing out how a large team can really work together and provide an excellent solution.

    Because we were 1,000x’s smaller than IBM, we would have to use the assets of a small team. First, does the individual have the capacity to run a complex deal. In our case, we all had to or you got killed. We were #7 out of 6 at the time. Then we had to deploy certain strategies I still use to this very day. Paranoid Analysis. Everyday, every hour, I would review everything in the deal, who is on board, who isn’t, who am I going to get, who am I not, how do I neutralize. Based on the competitor, what were they going to do. Did they have a play book, if so, I knew what they were going to do, so I would not chase the rabbits. Etc. You get the point.

    Complex deals are fun if you let them be. Feel the thrill of the deal. What ever your situation is, don’t panic, but remeber, if the train is speeding down the track and it doesn’t have your name on the side, you had better be prepared to derail it.

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