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The Sales Call

by David Brock on March 19th, 2011

I’m at my desk, the phone rings, I answer, “Hello, this is Dave Brock.”

At the other end of the line, in a pleasant voice, “Hi this is So and So.  I’m an account manager at Such and Such Business Banking.  I’m sure you have your banking needs covered, but…..”

“Yes we do,” I answer, “thank you for calling, good bye.”

As I hung up, I wondered, why would anyone ever plan a call this way?  The probability of the same outcome as his call on me is probably 99.99%.  But, based on his tone and wording, he was doing what he had been trained to do, and what his script said.

Which caused me to think, why do we train our people to do the wrong things?  Why do we provide scripts designed to produce the wrong outcomes?

Oh well, I’ve probably put more thought into this post than this company did in their training, scripting, and call preparation.  I’ll stop here.

Go figure!

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