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Thank You And Best Wishes For 2010!

by David Brock on December 30th, 2009

The New Year is around the corner.  Before we launch into the New Year, forgetting 2009, I want to take a moment to thank my readers.  Sometimes, when I write, I wonder if anyone is reading, and if I am making a difference.  Thanks to your graciousness and generosity, I never have to wonder long.

I get hundreds of comments and emails coHappy New Year 2010mmenting on my various posts.  At times, it’s disagreement–I actually like those.  It gives me a chance to rethink things and consider different points of view.  There are others, those of you who offer better insight into an issue I may have expressed clumsily.  And there are those who express appreciation for giving them  ideas.

I established the blog to “Make A Difference,” in some small way, for individuals and organizations.  The feedback indicates I am achieving my goal.  Thank you for making this experience valuable to me, and everyone else.

Please continue to read in the coming year.  Please challenge me, continue to expand on the conversation.  Thank you for your support and contributions!  Best wishes to you and your families for 2010!Book CoverFor a free peek at Sales Manager Survival Guide, click the picture or link.  You’ll get the Table of Contents, Foreword, and 2 free Chapters.  Free Sample

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