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Powerful Email Marketing

by David Brock on January 26th, 2015

I wish I were smart enough to make up these stories.  Today, I received an unsolicited email titled, “Would you like to blog about sales automation.”

Here is the text, the only thing I have changed is the company/product name (I’m calling it Company X).  I did highlight the spelling errors.  I started to highlight the grammar errors, but when the entire first sentence was RED, I stopped.

Hi David,

I’ve been reading your blog for several month now, especially I liked the article on [ARTICLE NAME]. I happenned to use these ideas when I built my own business, so thanks for that!

I’ve got a relatively new site that focuses specifically on sales automation, and I had a couple ideas for guest posts that I thought might be a really good fit for your resource.

Please, let me know if your audience would find articles on one of these topics valuble (the articles are ready by this moment):

10 SaaS Tools for Prospecting – This is about 10 most useful software services for prospecting (the article would be valuable for sales team leads and representatives)
How automate your sales emails and still sound like a human – This is a detalied step-by-step guide on sales emails and follow up automation using our software Company X (screenshots included)
7 Tips to Make Killer Sales emails (+ templates) – I found that there are tons of writings on this topic, but little of them contained exact templates to follow, so I included them as Gmail screenshots.

I hope we can stay in touch as I really appreciate your guidance.

All the best,

Where do I start?

Perhaps it’s the multiple spelling and grammar problems?

Or then, I notice, this company and product provide tools to optimize our ability to leverage and automate email prospecting, maximizing their impact.  I suppose he used his tool to send this email, demonstrating it’s powerful functionality and capabilities.  Then I notice the tremendous personalization in the email.  I searched my blog, I can’t find the article he references—- [ARTICLE NAME] —– in my posts  😉

Hmmm, am I missing something?

I’ll stop here, there is just so much wrong from an expert on email marketing and prospecting.  Caveat Emptor!

I really do wish I were clever enough to make this stuff up–fortunately, people executing terribly badly; presenting themselves, their companies, their solutions in the worst possible light provide me enough material for a great stand-up routine.


At least this will provide me endless blogging and consulting opportunities.

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  1. HaHaHa… We must be living in the same circles.

    I just tweeted out my personal copy of the same email.

    What a mess!


    • There’s no end to the stupidity inflicted on the world by self proclaimed experts. Here’s another “expert” trying to sell products demonstrating his expertise. His “example” is a shining display of what one might expect when one buys his products and services.

      I wish this were an isolated example—unfortunately, I could right dozens of posts a day, and still not cover all the crap I see. Loved your Tweet!

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