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“May I Send You A Free Proposal”

by David Brock on April 22nd, 2019

I got an intriguing email today. The subject line grabbed my attention–though I suspect not for the reasons the sales person intended: “May I send you a free proposal?”

It got my mind spinning, Who pays for proposals? Is the sender so arrogant, or clueless to think that an offer for a free proposal would catch my interest because it stands our from all the other offers for proposals that I get?

It’s also interesting, this person has the arrogance to think they can give me a proposal, without ever talking to me and knowing what I want to do, what my problems are, what my priorities are, or what I want to achieve.

Without even asking for the proposal, I already know the content of the proposal, “Please buy my product/service, it will cost you $X/month…..”

While this may be an extreme case, too many prospecting emails and calls are basically the same: “This is what I sell, are you interested in buying?”

And this isn’t selling……..

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