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Making A Difference, Thinking Of Others

by David Brock on January 26th, 2018

In December, I launched my 2017/2018 Charity Water campaign.  I set the goal to hit $7500, I’ll be matching up to $2500, so we have the opportunity to raise $10,000.

We already have about $4K, Thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to this program!  It really makes a difference.  I’d love to have others join and contribute at Charity:Water.  This campaign will bring total contributions, since I started, close to $60,000.

Whenever I run this campaign, I have so many people reaching out to me, sharing their passions and the organizations they support with their time and money.  I’d like to mention a couple that really had an impact on me.  I encourage you to look at what they are doing and consider supporting them.

Nagesh Kanumury and I spoke of a program, in which he is coaching a team of children.  This team is addressing the water problem in a different and very cool way.  They recognize that some communities can’t drill wells, that transporting the water will still be required.  They decided, they were going to create a wagon/cart to help carry more water, more easily.  But their creativity went a step further.  They thought, while that water is being transported, they can work on the “clean part.”  Their design includes filters that can be inserted in each container, to clean contaminants.  At the same time, they have installed a small solar array, to hear and purify the water–all while being transported.

It’s a hugely clever design by a group of elementary/junior high school kids.  They call their team the Hytdrobots.  They’ve won their first rounds of competition at the First Lego League.  I believe they are going to the California state-wide competition.  You can see their display at this link:  (Hyrdrobots), you can learn more about the competition and cheer them on at:  First Lego League.  Look for the Hydrobots from Silicon Valley and cheer them on!  You can reach out to Nagesh for more information.

It’s really inspiring to see these kids, not only being wickedly creative, but doing something that can help so many people!

The second is my friend Carlos Hidalgo.  At the moment, Carlos is in Uganda is working as part of a project called Beauty For Ashes.  One of the things that makes this really close to my heart is that I believe Carlos is touring some villages where, through my Charity:Water campaigns, we’ve built wells!  Here’s a cool video of one being opened!  I’m not sure our contributions funded this one, but I know we’ve built at least three wells in Uganda.  Carlos is both contributing his time and raising money for Beauty for Ashes.

Please consider supporting Carlos in his work.

The third are my friends Mitch Little and Hendre Coetzee.  They’ve been supporters of my campaigns, but decided to take matters into their own hands.  They wrote a great book, Shiftability.  I’ve done some reviews of it, in addition to it being a great book, 100% of the profits are going to their own Charity:Water campaign.  To date, I understand they’ve raised $10’s of thousands.

It’s so easy to get caught up in our jobs, our own families, and our lives.  We often lose sight of how truly fortunate we are.  I think it’s so important that each of us finds opportunities and means to help people we may never meet.  Whether you want to contribute to one of these programs or you have your own passion, it’s really important to give to others, unconditionally.

While it does so much good, there’s a selfish aspect to it–at least for me.  It makes me feel so good and happy!

So please, I’d love your support with Charity:Water.  I’d love to have you support the Hydrobots or Carlos or Mitch and Hendre.  I’d love to hear your story and promote it in another of these posts in about a month.

Thanks for caring, thanks for contributing, thanks for building a better world.  Each of us can Make A Difference!


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