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Let’s Celebrate: 200th Post!! Also, It’s Moving Day!

by David Brock on July 23rd, 2009
Taking a page from some of my blogging colleagues, I wanted to celebrate and thank all my readers. This is my 200th blog post.

Before I go on, part of the celebration is to announce that we’re moving. The new location and link for our blog is:

Making A Difference.

For those of you that want to see it “spelled out,” the new location is:

Please update your feeds, readers, or links. I want to make sure you can continue to follow us. After this post, all my future updates will be at the new site. The new site, also has the complete archive of past posts and comments.

Reflections On Blogging:

I started actively blogging about September of 2008 and really kicked it into a higher gear in January. At the time, I was really worried that I could write anything — at least on a regular basis — that people would find interesting or valuable. I still am amazed when I get great comments from people who have read a post and are motivated to express their views and opinions. It is both flattering and ego building to see some of the fantastic responses.

One of the things that I have learned about blogging, is that I probably get more out of this process than you, the reader. There is so much that I get out of blogging:

    • Blogging is a terrific stress reliever. Some months ago, I was being interviewed
      and was asked, “When do you blog?” I think the reporter was looking for what
      time of day. My response was, “When I get pissed off!” I blog at other times, as
      well, but sometimes when I see something that doesn’t make sense, getting it off
      my chest by writing an article is really helpful. Blogging is certainly cheaper
      than a shrink!
    • Blogging enables me to use a wide audience as a sounding
      board for new ideas that I am considering. I get such wonderful feedback—both
      positive and negative—that really helps me clarify my thinking, so that I can
      continue to build my value to you and to our clients. I can think of no other
      way to get the quality of feedback, as quickly, than through the blog.
    • Blogging has caused me to expand my horizons, in preparing new articles, I
      am really influenced by the great articles many of you write. They help me think
      about issues differently, even shifting my positions on a number of issues (God
      forbid I admit that my position may not have been an astute position.)
    • Blogging/Social Media has enabled me to “meet” such interesting people. I
      have gotten to meet, exchange ideas, and build business with people I might
      never have reached in the past. It has helped to open a whole new world of
    • Blogging builds and drives business, this shouldn’t be a surprised, but people get to know me before contacting us. It makes it easier
      for us to build a great business relationship.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions and support!

Join me in our new home, keep engaging in the discussion. Remember, adjust your feeds, readers, bookmarks to our new location:

Making A Difference.

Again, here it is all “spelled out,”

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  1. Niall Devitt permalink

    Congrats Dave. 200 posts of the highest quality. Keep em coming 🙂 Regards, Niall

  2. Vinod Kumar permalink

    Congrats Dave. Your blogs have been thought provoking and helpful.

    • Vinod, thanks so much, it’s great to see you here. I’m a little embarassed, that post was written exactly 8 years ago. Somehow, my blog hosting system decided to bring it out of retirement 😉 As of this post, I’m at about 1500–I’ve learned a huge amount since that 200th post. Regards, Dave

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