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  1. Doug Schmidt permalink

    Dave, excellent points on the merits of inside sales both as a strategic and tactical deployment capabilities. Anneke Seley, in her 2009 book Sales 2.0, outlined the case for the growing importance of inside sales to increase sales revenue/profits and reduce overall sales costs.
    A compelling example is Oracle. Their inside sales team sell over $1.5 billion complicated software solutions over the phone.
    We need to be constantly looking our people, processes and technologies with evaluation strategies/tactics regarding demand generation, sales and customer services.

  2. Dave, my business partner Joe Caruso & I have sat through numerous bad inside sales pitches -on Skype.

    They would not have been made better by an outside team, either.

    Most of the people have no idea how to demonstrate a software product over the phone.

    • In my experience, sales people tend to be bad at demonstrations in general–in person or by phone.

      • I find that very interesting, Dave.

        Because I have come at sales from an academic background, I decided learn from the beginning – and read a lot about sales as process from the early 1900’s.

        What impressed me about the “complex sales” made then was the ability of the salesman to demonstrate the product in a way that made its features very clear as benefits.

        Joe and I will never use a goto meeting when we are on sales call, but we will do a – but the prospect shares their screen with us, so we can demonstrate to them what they should be doing.

  3. Patricia permalink

    As an inside sales account manager, I have helped cutomers solve critical issues on the phone and managed several relationships in the account that led to a close of 3.1M dollars. It was a complex account that required great relationship building. The complex sale can be made over the phone!!

    • Thanks for joining the discussion Patricia! For too long, people have underappreciated what can be done over the phone.

      • Patricia permalink

        Yes, but so many of us have proven that we can do amazing, extraordinary things every time we put our minds to it! It’s a wonderful feeling.

  4. Hi Dave

    You’ve always been an invaluable resource to me. In terms of transitioning parts of my team towards a inside sales strategy, what resources and readings can you suggest?

    Currently we have have tele-presales (prospecting, marketing, lead generation) investigators (face-to-face interactions, demonstrations and information collection) and closers (get the signature, manages the account)

    Thanks Dave

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