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Giving Thanks

by David Brock on November 24th, 2011

Today is Thanksgiving in the US.  It will prompt the usual spate of posts about gratitude and appreciation, including this one.  A special day like this forces us to pause and reflect.

I, as do so many of us, have so much to be thankful for, and far too many people to express my gratitude.  Clients and associates I am privileged to work with every day, this large community of people to exchange and share ideas, friends and neighbors.  Most of all a wonderful family.   My wife, parents, sisters, their husbands and children, my sister in law and her children–each of whom supports me, encourages me to be a better person, most of all encourage me to do what I love every day.

It seems a shame that we reserve this one day to reflect on all that we should be thankful for.  I wonder what would happen if every day, we took just one minute to give thanks–to reach out to someone to express our gratitude and appreciation.  365 opportunities to think of someone other than ourselves, our to do lists, and what we must accomplish.

It seems this simple act can start to change the world, and if each one of us took a moment to express our gratitude just to one person, things might be very different.  Expressing gratitude has a refreshing, uplifting effect.  It’s good not only for the recipient (we all appreciate the acknowledgement.  But it lifts our own spirits and changes the way we approach the day.

Be thankful, express it daily.

Thank you!

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