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We Must Take A First Step!

by David Brock on May 25th, 2022

Yesterday, we were shocked to hear about yet another shooting. This time, at an elementary school in Texas. As of this morning, 19 children and 2 teachers were murdered!

On a weekly basis, we hear of continued violence, murders. Whether it’s Black citizens shopping in a grocery store, Asians in a church, individuals on a subway train.

And after each event, we hear our leaders offering condolences, saying the same thing, preening for the press. Some call for various forms of gun control. Some argue for different solutions, better approaches to mental health, better approaches to predicting and avoiding violent behaviors, improving school safety through more guards or arming teachers.

Many recognize the complexity of the issues involved. Too many argue, “We must identify and address the real problem!”

But all of this has resulted in nothing, we continue to see escalating violence and murders. And every time we replay the same responses.

These issues are very complex! There are no simple answers! There is no perfect answer, no single action will eliminate the problem!

But we are obligated, as human beings, to take a first step. And that might lead to the next….

There are simply no excuses. There is no informed argument that we shouldn’t or can’t take action. While there may be disagreement about what first step, we must unify around just doing one thing.

I have little hope that our politicians will take action, even with tremendous voter pressure. But we must apply that pressure, constantly, unrelentingly.

At the same time, we can take action in our own communities. We can come together, finding, perhaps a first step we can make within our communities.

Steve Kerr, head coach for the Golden State Warriors was right in his impassioned plea, “I’m tired of the moments of silence!” I’m tired of the continued expressions of condolence, I’m tired of the continued expressions of “hearts and prayers,” I’m tired of the memorial services.

I’m tired of the calls for action that result in no action.

I’m tired of the excuses. I’m tired of the lack of genuine caring. I’m tired of the bickering around what the solution is, or what the “right solution is.”

We must take a first step!

Afterword: There are some readers who will object, “This isn’t the place to be political!” This post has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with being a caring human being. If, for some reason, you are still offended, I am delighted to encourage you to unsubscribe. I don’t need you following my posts.

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  1. Dave Olson permalink

    Well said David — thank you. I, for one, will continue my subscription to your thoughtful and insightful blog.

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